Every construction site has its challenges but 
your cleaning requirements shouldn't be one of them.

Beginning with the pre-cleaning inspection, Quantum will work to maximize your convenience througout every stage of the construction.

Post demolition cleaning is an option that can start a project on the right track.

We also provide cleaners during or after work hours while the construction is underway. This service ensures a safe and more efficient worksite and reduces the final-clean cost at the end of construction.

And this is where Quantum really shines!

We will tailor our final-clean of the worksite to include any combination of specialty and general cleaning required.

Specialty cleaning options available:
Carpet & upholstery cleaning, window cleaning & sticker  removal, floor scrubbing, stripping & waxing (refinishing),   paint  removal, pressure washing, & others upon request.

Quantum Cleaning Services aims for win-win-win results
because when you AND your client are satisfied, then so are we.
That's why we perform a post-cleaning walkthrough with you and offer
further cleaning if required after construction deficiencies are remediated.