​The condition of your business' flooring is arguably the most eye-catching aspect of your enterprise's overall atmosphere. Customers and clients are just as likely to notice a dirty floor as they are to notice a clean one, so proper floor care is extremely important when considering the impression you hope to make.​​

Additionally, appropriate floor maintenance can significantly delay and even prevent expensive replacement costs of your enterprise's flooring - another important consideration for any business owner or manager with an eye on the bottom line.

Deep Scrub & Degreasing

When it comes to tile floors, there's nothing less appealing than grout that has turned black from dirt and grease deposits. Quantum will work hard to return your grout to its intended color with a high powered Rotary machine and a variety of hand tools, which can be used to degrease and scrub clean almost any type of flooring. 

Restaurant kitchens can get particularly greasy and become a slip hazard for workers despite nightly moppings. 

Stripping & Waxing/Refinishing

Stripping and waxing/refinishing is essential to properly maintain various types of flooring. If performed regularly (at least once per year depending on the circumstances), this service is a sure way to refresh and protect even the most abused commercial spaces.
Floors take a beating, simple as that.
No matter how resistant to wear a floor may be, it is always fighting a losing battle.
Quantum will help you lead the fight to keep your floors alive and looking great for longer!