Shampoo & Hot Water Extraction

Our three stage deep cleaning process leaves your carpets looking and smelling better than you ever thought possible.
We start with a pre-spray of steaming hot water and a mixture of detergent, degreaser, and deodorizer that is tailored to each carpet's needs. 
We then perform a deep scrub with our powerful rotary machine using a heavy duty brush and circulating motion to bring the dirt that is trapped in the carpet to the surface. Most of our competitors skip this stage but from experience, it is clear that the Roto is crucial for tough jobs like reviving old carpets, removing deep-seated grease deposits from restaurant carpets, and preserving high traffic areas that are more likely to wear down over time.
An extraction machine is then used to deliver a final, high-pressure, cleansing spray of hot water and deodorizer which is immediately sucked back up (along with all of the dirt and grime that was embedded in the carpet) using dual two-stage vacuum motors.

For proper maintenance, your business' carpets should be deep cleaned using this method at least once per year. Certain circumstances may require multiple deep cleanings annually, such as high traffic areas and greasy restaurant carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

As an interim maintenance service, bonnet cleaning is an effective means to keep your enterprise's carpets looking consistently fresh in between deep cleanings. Bonnet cleaning is a LOW MOISTURE approach that cleans the face fibres of the carpets. The main advantage of this method is that it allows for a quick drying time, generally within two hours! 

Even new carpets will begin to show signs of wear quickly in greasy or high-traffic areas.
As the onlsaught of dirt, dust, and grease layers itself within the pile of your carpet it can cause permanent damage. 

By removing that buildup regularly we can dramatically prolong the life your investment while improving your workplace environment and experience.